Friday, June 13, 2008


The last relationship ended badly.It was embarassing ,the final break up....little did i imagine that it would end so suddenly and sadly .Alas there was nothing much i could do , it was right in the middle of the road ,with everyone watching ,yes it could happen to you .could happen to anyone ,no matter how perfect you are this could happen anytime say right in the middle of a romantic dance , a brisk jog could be sudden or it could be because of the fatigue and tension thats been building up for months , maybe there's no compatibility, maybe you decided too soon, maybe you are too sensitive or maybe you fell for the looks and didnt bother looking beyond ...generally this could lead to a lot of pain and bruises as you may all have well noticed.

But life moves there i was walkin down the road the next day with another pair(?)....yes isnt that the right thing to do when your last pair of shoes tear off...right all along i WAS talking about footwear.My last relationship with a pair of sandals ended badly yesterday when i was hopping along the road when inadvertantly my left shoe broke right in the middle of a busy road and unmendable as it was , i was quite a funny sight limping away with a pair of non functional shoes (yes shoes ...i dont really know what you thought :P) i said this could happen to anyone of you .....its heartbreaking to see a pair of expensive footwear act up and leaves you cursing about why you had to see the wretched thing in the first place....i was to blame too...i took into the charms of its black leathery appearance without thinking about whether i can really carry them off.Even otherwise a perfectly normal pair of sandals might just kick the bucket after a long faithful relationship with your feet...people call it wear and tear....sad as it may be it takes just a bout of shopping to get over it.

So why is it that difficult to find the perfect SOLEmate...:P.
The reasons are many fold...its important to understand that at times its easier to find a soulmate than finding the right sole mate...* Standing rule,, unlike in a soulmate here SIZE does matter :P.Dont go by the looks...flashy and sexy is not always reliable.. And yes you could find the perfect solemate anywhere -in a shoe shop , seeing an ad, on someone else's feet( right! now am finding more similarities :P) etc but the wise thing to do is to see if it suits you , if it fits the bill...And here's what you do when your old sandals betray you ...dont be heartbroken ,there will be other shoes. Always have a spare :P ,
and ** with sporty shoes which see a lot of action ALWAYS wear socks to PROTect your feet as you play:P ( oh come on you perverts that was a perfectly innocent statement ) ....right enough double entendres now..

All i'm trying to say is your feet carry you and you need to find the right sole-mate for them......Its as important if not more to find one as it is to find your soul mate...Now i really dont know about love and lust so the latter is not really my forte ...check out some lame aunt abby column for that...i'm all about the feet....

there's love where you hate and cheat
feel sad and miss meals
chuck that and take care of your feet
find a perfect pair of shoes or heels

sad limerick but hey give me a break i just got out of a bad shoe day :P

PS :bachelor saints walk bare-footed COINCIDENCE?!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

B -ve

(I dont mean no blood....:P)
With my first spectacularly cliched blog in place time to post my second creation.And what better to fill the space than one of my strongest principles in life.B -ve. yes i am one of the most faithful believers of the "glass is half empty " concept. I took it a step further.To me the glass seems wholly empty and the half is just an illusion.Now all you little miss sunshines please stop nodding disapprovingly and please spare my comments section of your power of positive thinking hypotheses (see i respect your theories ,i refrain from using the word crap or humbug etc)
You all must know of one Mr murphy ,the embodiment of sense and understanding of life if there ever was anyone.Well I happen to have one of his principles as my standing motto in life- If anything can go wrong ,it will. And dont you dare underestimate the power of negative thinking . Believe it or not pessimism is not all that life threatening or degrading as optimists propound it to be.Infact its a way of acceptance , softens the blows you recieve in life.And well let me clarify i dont mean resignation i only mean acceptance there is a difference, and well I still do what i have to do just that i dont dream of silver liningsbehind dark clouds and fairy godmothers making my life wonderful behind my back.Call it what you will cynicism , bitterness realism discontent ....its really your call.This blog most certainly comes from a person whos heard a million people sing praise of the power of positive thinking and though i dont disapprove that it may work for some its not really everyone's thing...or should i say thinking positive is not really my cuppa coffee.......

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Right so finally i got suckered into this blogging business too.Thanks to one very avid blogger friend of mine i have been coaxed into takin up bloggin as a remedy to my everlasting problem of killing time.And being a very easy person to convince here i am writing a blog that does not make much sense to me yet and i'm making no promises here about doing so in the future.trash talkin normally comes easy to me.Trash writing isnt that difficult either is what i thought .But as i realized writing which used to be my favourite hobby back in the yesteryears now seems to be coming in snatches and spurts not quite making a very palatable dish out of my blog.I hope to cure myself of this initial state of language lull by a couple of regular doses of blogging.

Its amazing how a million ideas creep up in my head just when i'm about to hit the sack and i succumb to the pleasures of slumber assuring myself that i would make something of these ideas the next morning.And as it turns out my mind works at an awesome pace just minutes before i sleep and after a refreshing bout of it and with the average daily routines bogging me down i realize that when i sit down to write my blog my mind is as blank as the summer sky.So my second post comes as yet another wildly written shot in the dark kind of a post that does not border on anything specific.Language was always one of my greatest loves and through this forum i hope to re-kindle my romance with it and true to the name of my blog i am quite sure you'l find some of my blogs ridden with cliches and some others(i hope) which will make you want to go touche! .I sure am happy to expand my activity on the internet to a little more than social networking and the ocassional data surfing.

Now my fuel is running out and am clearly out of dfferent words to say the same thing :P.So until i get a different idea or learn a newlanguage to express the same idea ...Toodles!